Adani Group Employees Served Food To The Homeless And The Elderly In The Earth Saviors Foundation

Adani Group Employees To The Earth Saviors Foundation: A large part of the country’s population is still living without family and food arrangements. Today many people are living their lives under the umbrella of NGOs. These people have no option but to depend on the mercy of others. Keeping this in mind, the employees of Adani Group have started a 15-day donation campaign called Diyas of Hope. In this campaign, the employees of Adani Group have done the noble work of providing food to 500 elderly and homeless people in the NGO by collecting money themselves.

Employees started noble initiative

Organized by 166 employees of the Adani Group, food was served to over 500 elderly and homeless people present at The Earth Saviors Foundation in Bandhwari village, Gurugram, Haryana. For this work, the employees together collected about 50 thousand rupees. The employees have undertaken a 15-day campaign under Diyas of Hope.

what the staff said

The representative of Adani Group told that such small acts of kindness should be done selflessly. What can be a better act of kindness than feeding people? The employees said that we chose this NGO on the recommendation of Adani Digital Labs employees. After discussing with the people of the foundation, we came to know that it is a genuine organization. He said that what can be a better charity than eating hot food on cold days? After this, scrumptious snacks are served in the evening.

how was the meal

NGO’s camp includes senior citizens in the age group of 18 to 100 years, homeless mentally challenged people, underprivileged women, burn victims, domestic violence victims, rape victims, physically injured, people suffering from diseases like HIV, Schizophrenia etc. Were. These people were served chickpeas, cabbage, rice, salad and chapati for lunch, followed by pakoras for breakfast with tea in the evening.

Company believes in social work

On behalf of The Earth Saviors Foundation, Varsha told that she is feeling great to be a part of such an initiative. He said that it makes me happy to see that even today companies really care about the society and believe in social work. Takes out time to take such initiatives.

Employees fed themselves

He said that the employees of Adani Group have themselves served food to these people. Also interacted with all the people and made sure that everyone had a full meal. We really enjoyed it a lot. He said that these people get good, nutritious food only when someone sponsors it, otherwise we regularly have very basic food with them. These people are also very happy after getting such behavior.

The Earth Saviors Foundation

There is an NGO named The Earth Saviors Foundation. This organization does free service for old age homes, child reform homes, physically weak people who have no one to take care of them. Along with this, this institute also runs a cow shelter for the protection and service of mother cow.

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