Bulk Deals
*Hindustan Motors Limited : Spring Ventures Sell 1750000 Shares @ Rs. 22.07

*Venuspipes : Bnp Paribas Arbitrage Buy 650047 Shares @ Rs. 650

Insider Trade
*Arti Jindal Promoter Group Acquisition 2097 shares of Jsw Holdings Limited on 23-Nov-22

*Arti Jindal Promoter Group Acquisition 370 shares of Jsw Energy Ltd on 23-Nov-22

*Prithavi Raj Jindal Promoter Group Disposal 2097 shares of Jsw Holdings Limited on 23-Nov-22

*KEKI MISTRY Director Disposal 80000 shares of Hdfc Life Insurance Company Ltd on 25-Nov-22

Dividend Update
**Scandent Imaging Ltd. Interim Dividend Rs. 0.05 Ex Date 28-Nov-2022

Ex-Date: 28-Nov-2022
FAMILYCARE: Interim Dividend – Rs. – 0.05

Ex-Date: 29-Nov-2022
VEDL: Interim Dividend – Rs. – 17.50

Ex-Date: 30-Nov-2022
MLKFOOD: Interim Dividend – Rs. – 2.50

Ex-Date: 01-Dec-2022
GUJTHEM: Interim Dividend – Rs. – 4.40

Ex-Date: 02-Dec-2022
SDBL: Interim Dividend – Rs. – 0.25

Ex-Date: 05-Dec-2022
PANCHSHEEL: Interim Dividend – Rs. – 0.80

Dharmaj Crop Guard: Open: 28-Nov-22; Close: 30-Nov-22

Care Ratings: Open: 18-Nov-22; Close: 01-Dec-22

Janus Corporation: Bonus Issue 4:3; Ex-Date: 28-Nov-22
7NR Retail: Bonus Issue 1:5; Ex-Date: 28-Nov-22
Navoday Enterprises: Bonus Issue 1:1; Ex-Date: 29-Nov-22

Stock Split
Chandra Prabhu Inter: Stock Split From Rs. 10/- to Rs. 2/-; Ex-Date: 30-Nov-22
Rajnandini Metals: Stock Split From Rs. 10/- to Rs. 1/-; Ex-Date: 30-Nov-22
Likhitha Infrastructure: Stock Split From Rs. 10/- to Rs. 5/-; Ex-Date: 01-Dec-22
Mefcom Capital Markets: Stock Split From Rs. 10/- to Rs. 2/-; Ex-Date: 02-Dec-22

Right Issue
Roni Households: Ex-Date: 25-Nov-22

New Delhi Television: Open: 22-Nov-22; Close: 05-Dec-22

Shriram City Union Finance: Ex-Date: 29-Nov-22

*Corporate Actions*

Indian Energy Exchange has approved a proposal to buyback shares worth Rs 98 crore. The maximum of shares to be bought back under the buyback plan is 49 lakh at a price not more than Rs 200 apeice through Open Market Route.

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