Gold Prices are increasing continuously …

Gold Rates: Gold prices are increasing continuously in India and with this more money is coming out of people’s pockets to buy gold. Gold prices in the country are moving closer to their all-time high level and many financial experts believe that it will soon touch its all-time high level. In such a situation, what is the option you have to buy cheap, we are telling you this.

What are the gold rates in India

Today a good rise is being seen in the rate of gold in India and it has come near Rs.54800. Today Gold February futures on Multi Commodity Exchange will cost you Rs 54720. Compared to yesterday, it is trading with a rise of Rs 146 or 0.46 per cent.

what are the gold rates in dubai

Today the rate of one gram of gold in Dubai is at 218 Dirham (UAE currency). If it is converted into Indian Rupee, then this rate is for Rs 4914.73 per gram. In Dubai, one gram of 24-carat gold is 218 dirhams, 22-carat gold is at 201.75 dirhams and 21-carat gold is at $195.25.

10 gram gold rate in dubai

The rate of 10 grams of 24 carat gold in Dubai is 2180 Dirham (AED) and if it is seen in Indian currency rupee, it is available at Rs 49147.28.

how much gold is cheaper in dubai than in india

If you buy gold in Indian currency in Dubai then it is cheaper by Rs 5572.72 as compared to India. In Dubai, 10 grams of 24 carat gold is priced at Rs 49147.28 and in India, 10 grams of the same carat gold is at Rs 54720.

what is your strategy for sleeping today

Dr. Ravi Singh, VP, Head of Research, Share India, says that starting from Rs 54550-54600 per 10 grams, gold prices can go up to Rs 54400-54800 per 10 grams in the day’s trade. Today, gold is expected to remain at the upper level for the day’s trading.

trading strategy for gold

To buy: Rs 54600, target Rs 54800, stop loss Rs 54500

For Sell: Rs 54500, target Rs 54300, stop loss Rs 54600

Support 1- 54430
Support 2- 54280
Resistance 1- 54730
Resistance 2- 54890

How is the rate of silver in India today?

Silver rate on MCX is seen rising by Rs 72 by 0.10 per cent to the level of Rs 69105.

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