IPO Market Latest Update Companies Raised Over 52 Thousand Crores From Offering This FY

IPO Market Update

The effect of the fall in the stock market has also been seen on the IPO market . For the last few months, only a few IPOs have come in the market. Now that the current financial year (FY23) is less than a week away and no IPO is going to come in the remaining few days, we can look at the figures for the entire financial year. These figures show that the current financial year has not been good in terms of IPOs and most had to be listed at a discount.

So Many Crores Raised from IPO

According to statistics, a total of 38 companies set foot in the stock market during the financial year 2022-23. These companies raised a total of Rs 52,600 crore through IPOs. These include some IPO figures anyway, which were opened in March 2022, but the listing of their shares took place in April 2022 i.e. the first month of the current financial year.

He Got Bumper Premium

Out of these 38 companies, the listing of shares of only two was done with more than 50-50 per cent premium. The share of Dreamfolks Services was listed at a premium of 55 per cent and that of Electronics Mark India at 52 per cent. While Hariom Pipe Industries, DCX Systems, Harsha Engineers International, Kaynes Technology India and Sah Polymers shares with 30-40 per cent premium. Listed in the stock market.

Their Listing at Discount

The most important in the IPO of this financial year was that of the government insurance company LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India), which was listed at a discount of about 9 percent. Similarly, the shares of Rainbow Children’s Medicare, Landmark Cars and Inox Green Energy Services were listed at a discount of 7-7 per cent.

These Two Stocks Were Multibagger

However, some of the stocks listed in this financial year have also performed brilliantly. During this period, Hariom Pipe Industries and Venus Tubes and Pipes proved to be multibaggers. According to the figures till last week, these two have so far given returns of around 225 per cent and 125 per cent respectively. On the other hand, Kaynes Technology has given a return of about 64 percent and Archean Chemical Industries has given a return of about 54 percent.

They Did More Damage

On the other hand, LIC, Uma Exports and Elin Electronics were among the worst performing stocks. Till now they are in loss of about 40-40 percent. On the other hand, DCX Systems, Delhivery, Inox Green Energy Services and Dharamj Crop Guard have lost 25-25 per cent.

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