Last Year Was Not Single Bank Robbery In Denmark!

Bank Robberies Cashless Transaction: The incidents of bank robbery have increased a lot in some countries, while in some countries such incidents have decreased due to some reason. The government is taking many strong steps to prevent bank theft. Bank robbery or robbery is common in almost every country. There are reports of looting of banks from somewhere in India.

Tell that, there is a country in the world where there has been no incident of bank robbery in the last 1 year. This country is Denmark. The Bank Union claims that the last 1 year i.e. 2022 was very relaxed for the bank employees in the country of Denmark. There has not been a single incident of bank robbery or loot in the country. There have been no bank robberies in Denmark. The biggest reason behind this is being told the decreasing trend of cash.

Celebrating when there is no bank robbery

According to media reports, the population of Denmark is around 5.9 million (5.9 million). Denmark is also celebrating this special achievement fiercely. Stein Olsen, Vice Chairman of the finance workers’ union Finance for Bundet, Denmark, says that the absence of bank robbery is a big relief for the employees. The incident of bank robbery not only puts the lives of the employees at risk, but also has a negative effect on their mental state.

Incidents decreased since 2017

The union claims that the dependence of the people of Denmark on cash is negligible. Financial institutions have drastically reduced their cash services. In such a situation, the possibility of robbery has reduced. Olsen says that this is quite surprising because there is a lot of pressure on the bank employees in terms of cash. In the year 2000, there were 221 bank robberies in Denmark. By the time 2017 comes, this number has been around 10. There has been no incident of dacoity or loot in the last 1 year.

less cash usage

According to a report, in 2017, 23 percent people were using cash. Whereas in 2021 it decreased to 12 percent. The union said that bank robbery has a very negative effect on bank employees. Now that such cases are over, the bank employees are also feeling relieved.

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