Maybe Adani Group To Launch IPO Of 5 Companies In Near Future Including Adani Airport IPO Adani Connex IPO

Adani Group IPO: Adani Wilmar’s IPO came in the month of February 2022 which has given multibagger returns to the investors. But in the coming time, IPO of more companies of Adani group may come. Adani Enterprises is the flagship ie holding company of the group, within which many other companies are included. It is believed that in the coming days, Adani group can get these companies listed on the stock exchange. This will not only help in increasing the valuation of the company, but retail investors will get a huge opportunity to invest in Adani Group companies.

The companies involved in Adani Enterprises whose IPO can come are as follows.

1. Adani New Energy This company of Adani Group manufactures Soul Cell, Wind Turbine, Generator, Electrolyzer and Green Hydrogen Fuel. It is believed that the company can come in the future by taking the IPO of Adani New Energy.

2. Adani Connex Adani Connex is a joint venture between Adani Group and EdgeConnex, which is running with a target of setting up a data capacity of 1 GW in 10 years. EdgeConnex is the world’s largest private data center operator. It is believed that Adani Group may also launch IPO of Adani Connex in future.

3. Adani Airport Adani Airports has become the largest private airport operator in the country. The company has 25 percent stake in passenger traffic and 40 percent in cargo. The company has management control of Mumbai International Airport. So apart from this, the airports of Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Mangaluru, Jaipur, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram are going to be modernised. It is believed that Adani Group can also list the airport business on the stock exchange.

4. Adani Defense and Aerospace Adani group has also stepped into the defense sector. The company is present in the field of UAV, drone to aircraft services. Along with this, the company is also manufacturing many defense equipment. The company wants to register its presence in the defense manufacturing of the self-reliant India campaign. In the coming time, IPO of Adani Defense and Aerospace may also come.

5. Adani Road Transport – Adani group is also spreading rapidly in the field of road construction. The company is present in the field of construction of highways, expressways and tunnels. Along with this, the company has also stepped into Metro Rail and Railways. The company already has a private rail line of 300 kilometers which connects its port. Along with this, 650 kilometer highway is also being built. In the coming time, IPO of Adani Road Transport may also come.

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