Muhurat Trading 2023 Timing, Best Stocks!

Be Ready For Muhurat Trading. The Stock market will be open for Muhurta trading for one hour on 12th November.
The stock market will be open for Muhurta trading from 6 pm to 7.15 pm.
Muhurta trading is witnessing a continuous rise since last 5 years.

Muhurat Trading 2023


Diwali muhurat trading
New Delhi: Diwali is a very special day. Mother Lakshmi is worshiped on this day. In such a situation, considering its importance, trading is done for some time on this day (Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023). This is called Muhurta trading. This happens for one hour in the evening. Its timing is told in advance. As per tradition, Muhurta trading will be done this time also. This will happen on the evening of 12th November. During this period, NSE and BSE will remain open for one hour for Diwali Muhurat Trading (Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023). Here we are going to give you complete information about Muhurta trading. Let us tell you that this is a traditional symbolic wedding. On this day, investors trade for a while to wish for a fortunate year. Investors believe that by trading during this auspicious time, they will continue to get money and success throughout the year ahead. This tradition has been going on in the Indian stock market for a long time.

Muhurta trading will happen at this time

According to NSE, it will run from 6 pm to 7.15 pm on November 12. There will be pre-opening from 6 to 6.15 pm. After this, common people will be able to trade from 6.15 to 7.15 pm. The block deal window will open only at 5.45 pm. If anyone wants to make modifications in the trade then it will happen at 7.25 pm. The closing session of Muhurat trading will be from 7.25 to 7.35 pm. The call auction illiquid session will take place between 6:20 pm to 7:05 pm.

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How will the market move?

The Sensex has risen continuously in the last 5 years during Muhurta trading. Sensex has closed on the green mark. Last year i.e. in the year 2022, during Muhurat trading, Sensex closed with a rise of 524 points in just one hour. Whereas in the year 2021, Sensex closed with a gain of 296 points. According to experts, this year also there may be a rise in Sensex during Muhurta trading on Diwali.

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