Mukesh Ambani Sets Goals For Reliance Industries Staff

RIL Family Day 2022: The country’s big businessman Mukesh Ambani has given the example of Argentine football player Lionel Messi to explain leadership and teamwork to his three children. Mukesh Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industries, addressed the employees on the occasion of Reliance Family Day, celebrated on the birth anniversary of the company’s founder and his father Dhirubhai Ambani.

Reliance will keep getting bigger…and bigger

Ambani said that “Decades will pass and Reliance will become bigger and bigger. Like a banyan tree, its branches will spread far and wide, its roots will go deep and it will touch the lives of an ever-increasing number of Indians, enriching them, empowering them, nurturing them and taking care of them.

Ambani said in his address on Wednesday evening, “At the end of the year 2022, Reliance would have covered half the distance of its golden decade.” After 5 years from now, the establishment of Reliance will complete 50 years. His address was released to the media on Thursday.

He said that “I am mentioning here my expectations from the leaders and employees of all our businesses and initiatives.”

who will handle which business

Ambani has given information about his business legacy plan. He said that the responsibility of telecom and digital business will be given to his elder son Akash, daughter Isha is handling the retail business. Younger son Anant will take charge of the New Energy Business. He has set goals for all three children.

There will be 5G connectivity in every village

Ambani said, “Jio under the chairmanship of Akash is launching the world’s best 5G network across India and the speed at which this service is being launched is the fastest in the world.” The service will be fully operational in 2023. He said, “But Jio platforms should be ready for India’s future opportunities. These opportunities are to provide unique digital products and solutions for domestic and international markets. He said that now every village will have 5G connectivity, due to which India has a historic opportunity to completely remove the gap between cities and villages. He said that in this way Jio can speed up the inclusive development of India.

retail business grew rapidly

The industrialist said that under the leadership of Isha, the retail business has grown very fast. “Our retail business has grown into a very broad and deep penetration business in India, across all categories of products,” he said.

This is Reliance’s new startup business

Talking about the renewable energy business, Ambani said, “Reliance’s latest startup business is renewable energy which has the potential to change not only the company or the country but the whole world.” Joining the business and with this we have accelerated the process of preparing our large (Giga) factories in Jamnagar. ”””’ He said that India’s largest and valuable corporate group Reliance India’s most ‘green’ corporate group is also going to happen.

Teamwork needed like Messi

Mukesh Ambani said, “The goals of our renewable energy team are very clear. India’s dependence on imports has to be reduced to achieve self-sufficiency and security in the energy sector. Remember, you can do this only by staying ahead in the field of Mustad and technology.

He said that to be successful in business, along with leadership, teamwork is also needed. He cited the example of Argentina, which became the winner of the World Cup football earlier this month.

Ambani said, “How did Argentina win the cup?” It is a combination of leadership and teamwork. Messi could not have won the cup on his own. Similarly, Argentina could not have won without Messi’s inspirational leadership.

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