PM Modi inaugurates largest Diamond Bourse, Surat receives gift from international airport

PM Modi inaugurates largest Diamond Bourse
PM Modi inaugurates largest Diamond Bourse

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the world’s largest diamond bourse in Surat, Gujarat. It is also the largest office complex in the world. Apart from this, it also offers an international airport to Surat. This is expected to provide a huge boost to trade and business in Surat.


These modern facilities at Diamond Bourse

Earlier, the PMO had announced on Saturday that Prime Minister Modi would visit Gujarat on Sunday, where he would inaugurate the Diamond Bourse in Surat. According to the PMO, it will be the world’s largest and most modern center for the international diamond and jewelry trade. Rough and polished diamonds will be traded at the Surat Diamond Bourse. Surat Diamond Bourse has facilities such as a state-of-the-art customs clearance center for import-export, a jewelry trading center for jewelry retailing, international banking facilities, and a safety deposit box.

Name in the Guinness Book of World Records

The name Surat Diamond Burse has already been included in the Guinness Book of Records. It has the distinction of being the largest office building in the world. This building is built on 67 lakh square feet, and around Rs 3,500 crore was spent on its construction. Around 4,500 diamond trading offices can operate simultaneously in this building. This entire building has nine towers with 15 floors each. Under this, offices ranging from 300 sq ft to 1 lakh sq ft have been constructed. This building has also received a platinum rating from the Indian Green Building Council.

Features of the new airport terminal

PM Modi also inaugurated the new terminal of Surat airport. The cost of this terminal is Rs 353 crore. It has been approved as an international airport. AAI Chairman Sanjeev Kumar says the new terminal will triple the capacity of Surat airport. It will now have the capacity to accommodate 1,200 domestic passengers and 600 international passengers during peak hours. The airport can now handle 3,000 passengers per hour and 55 lakh passengers per year.

Prime Minister Modi’s road show after his inauguration

After inaugurating the new terminal at Surat Airport, PM Modi also held a roadshow in the city known as Diamond City. Huge popular participation was witnessed during Prime Minister Modi’s roadshow. After this, Prime Minister Modi will visit his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, where he will participate in various programmes.


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