The World 20 Richest List Only Four People Including Gautam Adani Wealth Increased This Year 15 Suffered Huge Losses

Gautam Adani: In many countries of the world including China, there has been a decline in the stock market amidst the return of Corona and the fear of recession at the global level. On Friday, investors have suffered a loss of more than Rs 8.40 lakh crore. On the other hand, Gautam Adani has suffered a loss of $ 9.38 billion and Mukesh Ambani has suffered a loss of $ 2.71 billion.

During the year 2022, the wealth of 5 billionaires including Gautam Adani has increased in the top 20 list of the world’s richest. While there has been a big decline in the wealth of 15 billionaires this year. Gautam Adani’s wealth has seen the biggest increase this year in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. There has been less increase in the wealth of the remaining 4 billionaires. Let’s know whose wealth has increased in the top 20.

Big drop in Elon Musk’s wealth

The biggest decline has happened in the property of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. This year, Elon Musk’s wealth has decreased by $ 132 billion, while his total net worth is currently $ 139 billion. Elon Musk has lost $ 1.57 billion in one day. Similarly, the world’s richest person Bernard Arnault’s wealth has decreased by $ 18.9 billion to $ 159 billion this year.

So much damage to the property of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates

Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, who are included in the list of top 5 billionaires, have also seen a huge decline in their net worth. Bill Gates, at number 4, has assets of $ 109 billion, which has declined by $ 28.7 billion this year. Apart from this, Jeff Bezos’s assets have fallen by $ 84.1 billion to reach $ 108 billion. Although there will be a profit of $ 1.47 billion on Friday.

The net worth of these five people including Gautam Adani increased

In the top 20 of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, the highest profit has been made in the property of Gautam Adani this year. His net worth has increased from $33.8 billion to $110 billion. After this, the wealth of Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim has increased by $ 3.26 billion and now his total net worth is $ 77 billion.

The wealth of US billionaire Charles Koch at number three has increased by $ 6.17 billion this year and now his total net worth is $ 67.4 billion. The fourth billionaire in the top 20 is Julia Fleischer Koch, whose wealth has increased this year. The US entrepreneur’s wealth has increased by $6.17 billion this year and his total net worth is $67.4 billion. At number five, the wealth of Jacqueline Badger Mars has increased by $ 4.28 billion this year and now her total assets have increased to $ 55.4 billion.

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