Warren Buffett says there are opportunities in India. Berkshire Hathaway’s next management will decide

Berkshire Hathaway: Warren Buffett is one of the greatest investors in the world. Investors around the world continue to look at it with hope. He showed off several of his investments by making them multibagger. Every year he addresses the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. The financial world is impatiently awaiting this event. During this period, Warren Buffett gives his opinion on many issues such as the company’s future plans, investments, corporate governance and the economy. This year, he said he was investing in India. Warren Buffett said that there are huge opportunities in India. However, he left the decision to invest in India to the next management of the company.

Warren Buffett says there are opportunities in India
Warren Buffett says there are opportunities in India

Berkshire Hathaway’s next management will decide

Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, told shareholders that we have not yet been able to enter India. There are many possibilities there. But I don’t want to make any decision regarding this Asian country. This work will have to be done by our next management. In response to a question on India, he said we need to develop a clear strategy regarding India. We need to see how much profit Berkshire Hathaway can make in which industry. India would also like us to invest there. But it would be better for this work to be done by the next management.

Our investment in Japan has yielded excellent results

He said the results of our investment in Japan have been excellent. There are many such opportunities in India as well. However, young management can make better decisions in this regard. You won’t have to wait long for this. It is clear from Warren Buffett’s statement that he wants to soon hand over control of Berkshire Hathaway to a younger executive.

India is the fastest growing economy in the world

The growth of the Indian economy over the past few years has been astonishing. Despite various problems occurring in the world, India remains the fastest growing economy in the world. GDP growth in the October-December quarter was 8.4 percent. This is why major companies like Tesla and Berkshire Hathaway are now looking hopefully towards India.

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