Dealers Urges Adani Group And Transporters To Resolve Freight Issue Adani Closed Cement Plant Due To High Freight Rate

Adani Group: Adani Group has decided to close its two cement plants in Himachal Pradesh, due to which the local cement dealers in the state are very upset. Adani Group has currently stopped the operation of both these factories due to the expensive truck fare. The company was facing huge losses due to the high freight charges. Although the government is holding a meeting to end the deadlock between Adani Group and Transports.

try to reach an agreement between the two sides

On Saturday 24 December, the Principal Secretary of the Transport Department, R.D. In the presence of Nazim and Deputy Commissioner of District Bilaspur and District Solan, a meeting has taken place between Adani Group and Truck Union. In this meeting, there was talk of paying freight on the formula decided by the High Court. The government is trying to make both the parties agree on this formula. Solan district’s union is ready to work on the High Court’s formula, while Bilaspur union is going to have a general house. There will be a discussion about freight in this General House itself. The decision taken in the General House will be informed to the Deputy Commissioner of District Bilaspur. For this, the time till January 3, 2023 has been fixed.

deadlock on freight

The Adani group wants freight at Rs 6 per tonne, while the transport unions are demanding Rs 11.41 per tonne freight. President of Bilaspur District Truck Society (BDTS) Rakesh Thakur said that during the talks, he is considering the formula proposed by the government. There will be a meeting once again with the District Bilaspur Deputy Commissioner on Tuesday to fix the fare. In this meeting, there will be a discussion about freight.

cement dealers upset

The most worried about the closure of Adani’s cement plant are the cement dealers. He said that the supply of cement has been disrupted due to the closure of the plant. He says that these cement plants have contributed a lot in strengthening the economy of Himachal Pradesh. Cement dealer Amar Kant Verma has said that we are feeling proud to be associated with Adani Group for 5 to 6 months. Adani is proud to be an Indian company. He said that transport should take a soft approach and talk about this issue so that common people get cheap cement and economic development can be promoted. He told that the cement industry in Himachal has made the people financially strong, and the cement industry has contributed a lot to the government’s revenue. A cement dealer named Manoj Sharma said that the company and the transports should talk to each other and find a solution. He said that the company will not run without profit. If the company’s plant remains closed, many local businesses will be affected.

The company closed the plant due to loss

The Adani group was incurring huge losses due to high freight charges, after which the company has closed both the cement plants. The company is in talks with transports. Earlier, the company had said that the company is very sad about the recalcitrant attitude of the transports as the company has a 4 decades old relationship with Himachal Pradesh.

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