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Twitter Employees Bring Toilet Paper to Office : Ever since the command of the social media platform company Twitter came into the hands of Elon Musk, many changes have been taking place in the company since then. Elon Musk is constantly cutting down the company’s expenses, due to which he is seen making many big changes every day. Elon Musk had shown the way out of the company to more than half of the employees, but now the condition of Twitter’s office is getting worse. The remaining employees in the company are facing a lot of problems.

No toilet paper in the toilet

According to media reports, there is a lot of smell in the bathroom of Twitter office. Due to this, the employees have to carry their own toilet paper to the office. Such a situation has arisen after the cleaning workers were retrenched from the office. Employees say that there is not even toilet paper in the toilet. He brings his own toilet paper.

sweepers fired

According to the New York Times report, the cleaning staff cleaning the bathrooms of the Twitter office have been fired. The main reason behind this is that those people were on strike demanding more money. It was told in the report that now the security service is also not present in the office. Office bathrooms have become very dirty due to the absence of bathroom cleaning staff. The office smells of leftover food and bathrooms. The workers are forced to bring toilet paper because there is no staff to replace the suppliers.

Shifted employees in 2nd floor

On the other hand, the employees have been shifted to the 2nd floor. The remaining 4 floors of the Twitter office have been closed. Also, Twitter has stopped paying rent in its Seattle building, due to which employees have been asked to work from home. According to the report, Twitter’s offices will now be only in New York and San Francisco. Musk has also removed cleaners and security guards from many of his New York offices. Musk is spending money in another sector. Also, Musk has hired many new employees from other companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

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