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Income Tips: If you earn less money, then you do not need to worry, because here is information about five such tips, which can increase your income. However, for this you have to invest according to your thinking or understanding. Also, it has to be kept in mind that there should be no impact on your monthly expenses. You can adopt these suggestions keeping in mind the strategy, skill, interest and other things.

Investing in Small Savings Schemes

The interest of many schemes of Small Saving Scheme has been increased. In such a situation, now a good interest is being given to the citizens and less money can also be invested in it. You can get up to 8 percent interest in these schemes. Its special thing is also that tax exemption is available in it and there is no risk.

use your skills

If you have any special skill or you have some specialty then you can earn money by using it. Suppose you write something good from blogging, then you can earn money by doing blog freelance or consulting work for a website. You can do this work in your remaining time and increase your income.

renting a house or room

If you have a house or room that you are not using, then you can give your house on rent. If there is a house in the city, the house or room can be given on rent to the migrants coming there, but if it is in a place where people come as tourists, it can also be used for rent.

Investing in SIP

If you have enough money that you can deposit 1000 or 500 every month, then you can plan to invest in mutual funds every month through SIP. By investing for a long time you can make good money in the long run.

Bank FD investment plan

If you have savings of some money, you can deposit it in the bank’s fixed deposit scheme instead of keeping it in the savings account. Money can be deposited in bank FD for 10 years, on which the bank will give you interest annually. In today’s time, about 8 percent interest is being given by some banks to the common citizens.

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