Gautam Adani Mukesh Ambani Shiv Nadar Lost Money In Stock Market And Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Bloomberg Billionaires Index: This past week has proved to be very bad for the Indian stock market and investors’ capital has sunk more than Rs 8.40 lakh crore in just one day’s trading on Friday. At the time of closing of the market on Thursday, the market cap of listed companies on BSE was Rs 280.53 lakh crore, which came down to Rs 272.12 lakh crore at the close of business on Friday.

The wealth of the top 50 rich in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index decreased

This business decline has also brought huge losses for India’s billionaire investors. Indian billionaires Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani, who figure in the top 10 in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, also suffered heavy losses yesterday. At the same time, a big decline was also recorded in the wealth of billionaire Shiv Nadar, who was included in the top 50 of the same index.

How much has the wealth of India’s billionaire Gautam Adani declined

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, on 24 December i.e. today, Gautam Adani’s wealth has come down to $110 billion and it has seen a decline of $9.38 billion in one day. Indian billionaire Gautam Adani came second in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index this year, but in the fall of his company’s shares in the Indian market, Adani has again come in third place. If we talk about this whole year, the total assets of Gautam Adani have increased by $ 33.8 billion.

Overall this year was beneficial for Gautam Adani

The special thing is that in the list of top 10 rich people of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Gautam Adani is the only one whose wealth has registered an increase this year. A big decline has been registered in the net worth of the remaining 9 wealthy this year.

How much did Mukesh Ambani’s wealth decrease?

India’s second billionaire Amir, who occupies the 9th position in the top 10 list of Bloomberg Billionaires Index, has also seen a sharp decline in his wealth yesterday. Mukesh Ambani’s total assets have come down to $85.4 billion and after yesterday’s trading, his net worth has registered a decline of $2.71 billion. Talking about this entire year, Mukesh Ambani has lost assets worth $4.55 billion.

HCL’s Shiv Nadar’s net worth decreased

The impact of the decline of the Indian stock market has also been seen on the net worth of HCL’s Shiv Nadar and at present his net worth has come down to $24.4 billion. At present, he is at 49th position in the list of top 50 rich of Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Shiv Nadar’s wealth has decreased by $196 million in yesterday’s decline. talk about this whole year
A total decline of $ 8.20 billion has been registered in the property of Shiv Nadar.

Dalal Street turned red on Friday due to the heavy fall of the stock market

At the end of yesterday’s trading in the Indian stock market, the BSE Sensex fell by 980 points to 59,845 and the Nifty closed by 320 points at 17,806 points. In this way, Sensex has come below 60,000 and Nifty below 18,000 in the domestic stock market.

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