Gold have Reached a Record High in India!

Gold have Reached a Record High in India: Gold prices are running at a record high with the beginning of the new year in the country. In the second week, there has been a continuous rise in the gold prices (Gold Price Today). Domestic futures prices of gold have reached a record high on Friday. Due to Union Budget 2023 the increase in foreign markets, there has been a rise in domestic futures prices. The futures price of gold in India has increased to Rs 56,245 per 10 grams today. This is the highest level ever recorded.

Know the rate of gold globally

According to Bloomberg, on Friday evening, the global gold futures (Global Gold Price) and the spot price have been seen trading with a lot of growth. The global futures price of gold was trading at $ 1908.40 an Bounce on Comex with a gain of 0.51 percent or $ 9.60 on Friday evening. The same gold is currently trading at $ 1904.33 an ounce with an increase of 0.38 percent or $ 7.24 in the global price.

Fall in the global price of silver

On the other hand, there has been a decline in the Global Silver Price. The global futures price of silver continued to trade at $ 23.89 an ounce on Comex on Friday evening, down by 0.47 percent or $ 0.11. At the same time, the global spot price of silver is currently trading at $ 23.77 an ounce, down by 0.02 percent.

what is the price in the country

In the last trading session of the country, gold had closed at Rs 56,115 per 10 grams. However, the price of silver fell by Rs 145 to close at Rs 68,729 per kg.

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