How Much Money You Can Send Using BHIM UPI In One Day And Run Without Internet!

BHIM UPI Limit: Many things have become easier by making digital payments. With the help of UPI, payment can be made by adding your bank account to the mobile. However, for this you must have a smartphone. Along with this, it is also necessary to have internet. Transaction has become easy with the help of online payment.

BHIM Bharat Interface for Money is a UPI based payment interface that allows you to make money transactions using your identity such as your mobile number or name. If you also use BHIM UPI, then let us know how much amount you can transfer with its help in a day. However, before that let us know how you can use it.

How to use BHIM UPI

You can download BHIM UPI from Google Play Store and Apple Store. Now select the language in which you want to use this app. After this, select the registered mobile number from the bank. Now enter the passcode and enter the last 6 digit debit card number and expiry date to set the UPI PIN. Now you can do transaction by entering UPI ID. Also you can transfer money from QR code and number.

What is the limit of money transfer on BHIM UPI?

With the help of BHIM UPI, any person can transact up to Rs 1 lakh at a time. Also, he can do transactions of Rs 1 lakh in a day. For this, he can use only one bank account, which is linked to BHIM UPI. To transact more than this amount, you will have to go to the bank or wait for the next day.

You can use BHIM UPI without internet

If you do not have a smartphone and there is internet problem in the area you are in, then you can use BHIM UPI. You can access it by dialing *99# from your feature phone.

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