IMF MD Kristalina Georgieva India G20 Summit Leadership | India G20 Summit: IMF chief said

India G20 Summit 2023: Due to the continuous economic slowdown in the world, many countries are working cautiously, they are trying their best to strengthen themselves. Looking at the economic condition of countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, you must have got some idea that due to the economic slowdown in the world, how bad is the condition of these countries. Nevertheless, International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva (IMF MD Kristalina Georgieva) has expressed hope about India’s leadership and economic conditions in the G-20 group.

Expressed confidence in India’s leadership

Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, says that amidst the continuing economic slowdown and social tension in the world, the international community has great faith in India’s leadership in the G-20 group. Georgieva said this during a media round table conference. He said, ‘India, the President of the G-20 group, is one of the countries performing much better than the global average. It is known that India has formally taken over the chairmanship of the G-20 group on 1 December itself.

India will work on global comprehensive service

Georgieva says, ‘We rely a lot on India’s leadership as the President of the G-20. Because this is a critical time for the world to preserve its well-being by protecting an integrated global economy. I hope that India will be able to do a wider global service while keeping us together.

India worries about the world

The IMF chief says that G20 priorities include building digitization on a public platform, building a public infrastructure that reduces the cost of digitization, and identifying ways to use it as a source of growth and jobs. He said that India has made many reforms, which are now getting its benefits. He said that in today’s era, India is more concerned about the happenings in the rest of the world than domestic factors. India definitely gets affected by the happenings in Asia. Its neighboring countries Sri Lanka and Pakistan remain unstable. China is also influencing the whole of Asia.

Appreciation of India’s efforts in Covid

Appreciating Indian efforts towards digitization, he said, ‘It is working very well for India how it has carried out digitization accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. Digitization has proven to have a strong comparative advantage for both public policy and private sector development. He said that the combination of digital identity and digital public infrastructure facilitated India to shift support across digital platforms. He said that with this India understands very well those people who are entitled to get support.

what was said on the digital campaign

Georgieva said that India’s digitization proved very helpful in the campaign for the private sector as well. He said that it has become a fertile ground for very rapid expansion of branded and enterprises. India intends to take it up to G-20 as a region to become a comparative power.

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