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Tesla Owners Protest Showroom In China: Tesla, the world’s best electric car manufacturer in China, is facing opposition to its own decision. Last year in 2022, hundreds of car owners who bought cars from Tesla company, went to the car showroom in China and created a ruckus. The atmosphere of anger among the customers can be clearly seen. These are the customers who have bought Tesla cars just a few months ago. They shouted slogans after reaching the showroom of the company. Although there is a decision of Tesla company behind this. Know what is that decision..

car price cut

Tesla has made a tremendous cut in the price of its electric car in the new year 2023. After this decision, there is a special displeasure among those customers, who had bought electric cars a few days ago by paying a heavy price. These people have demanded exemption and credit from the owner of the company. These people say that they have paid more for the electric cars they bought earlier. Return that company, otherwise the price should not be reduced.

so low prices

Tesla has cut prices for the Model 3 and Model Y electric cars to boost sales in China. The company has cut prices of these models by 13 percent to 24 percent as compared to September 2022. The price reduction comes after the automaker’s sales slump in December last year. It has announced a cut in Tesla prices.

list of demands

According to the Reuters report, see the same case increasing Shanghai police who reached the spot tried to stop the protest of Tesla car owners. After this, the police has organized a meeting between Tesla employees and the owners of the cars. In which the owners have submitted a list of demands including apology and compensation or other credits.

Know what is the demand

About 200 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y buyers in China gathered at the company’s showroom and distribution center in China over the weekend to protest the carmaker’s decision to slash prices for the second time in three months. Tesla car buyers say that the price charged by Tesla for its electric cars at the end of 2022 last year will not decrease suddenly or as much as the automaker has reduced in recent times to increase sales.

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