Indians do not like work from home, so many Indians started going to office.

The cases of corona epidemic may have been controlled, but it has had a far-reaching effect on many things. Especially it has changed the way people work around the world. Due to the pandemic, millions of people around the world worked from home for years. However, from the point of view of India, most of the employees here do not like Work From Home. This thing has come to the fore in a recent survey.

so many Indians started going to office

According to a recent research by professional social media platform LinkedIn, India’s professionals prefer hybrid model over work from home to boost productivity. They feel that the hybrid model improves the productivity of their work. This is the reason that 08 out of every 10 Indian professionals have started going to office on their own free will.

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Change in people’s attitude

In this research, there is a change in the attitude of the employees towards going to the office. Where earlier going to office seemed like a compulsion for everyone, 78 per cent of Indian professionals now say that they go to office of their own free will. According to the research, about 86 per cent Indians believe that now they find going to office more positive than a year ago.

Work from home price paid

In the research, some interesting things have also come to light regarding work from home. Around 63 per cent Indians feel that working without going to office does not have any harmful effect on their career. On the other hand, such people are also in abundance, who say that they have to pay the price of work from home by doing more work. The share of such people is 71 percent.

For these reasons prefer to go to office

We are seeing a change in the attitude of people when it comes to working from office, says Nirajita Banerjee, Managing Editor, LinkedIn India. While professionals in India are increasingly opting for flexible-work options, they are finding it more important than ever to go to the office. After going to office, opportunities like tea break can give people a chance to move forward in their respective professions.

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