FMCG Companies Increase Price Of Daily Item From 2 To 58 Percent.

Daily Item Increase Price: While on one hand the common man has got relief from inflation in the month of December, on the other hand, now the FMCG companies of the country have increased the prices of daily use items. This will have a direct impact on the pockets of the common people. FMCG companies have increased the prices of daily use items like soap-toothpaste by 2 to 58 per cent. Earlier, these companies had increased the prices of these items by 3 per cent to 20 per cent in January 2022. After this, due to the continuous increase in the prices of raw materials in May 2022, a rise in the prices of these products was also registered.

Many companies are giving shock to customers by Increase Price

Let us tell you that in January 2023, many big companies in the FMCG sector such as Hindustan Unilever, Colgate, Palmolive and Mondelez India, a company that manufactures products like Cadbury and Oreo, will sell their brands. Increasing the prices of the products. Along with this, these companies have also decided to reduce the weight of their products. According to the report published in Dainik Bhaskar, according to the rating agency CRISIL, FMCG companies can see a total growth of 7 to 9 percent in the month of January, but the companies are passing the burden of rising raw material prices on the customers.

Rising prices with increasing demand

1/3rd of the earnings of the FMCG sector comes from the rural areas of the country. In the Corona epidemic, these companies had reduced their profit margin to maintain the sale of goods, but now the situation is improving in the market. Due to the increase in agriculture and the help of the government, the flow of money has now become better even in the rural areas. In such a situation, now companies are trying to make their margin as before and increasing their profit.

Decrease in retail inflation rate

Significantly, the retail inflation rate in the country came down to a 12-month low in the month of December. The retail inflation rate has been declining for 3 consecutive months and it came down to 5.72 per cent in December. At the same time, the retail inflation rate in the month of November was 5.88 percent. The retail inflation rate in the month of October was 6.77 percent. The retail inflation rate in December 2021 was 5.66 percent. In such a situation, December 2022 retail inflation has come down to the lowest level of 12 months.


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